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Spielbericht Imperium vs Skaven
« am: 29.04.2012, 10:47:13 »
Ist auf fremdländisch, weil die Erstveröffentlichung auf Warhammer-Empire war...

DAY 3 of the R-E-League

Okay, long time no see...we've all been busy with real life stuff, so apologies for that delay. Yesterday I finally had the chance to get the third league game in. As some of you might know, I've been asking for advice against this particular list - thanks everyone for that once more. 'Ere we go...

Skaven vs Empire, 2500 points, Standard Battle, Army Lists

TGM, Lance, Shield
L4 Light

Captasus, FP, shield
WP, BWH, HA, shield

39 Halbs, FC
30 Swords, S, M
9 Knights, S, M

29 GS, M, S
2 Cannon, 2 Mortars

GS on Bell
BSB, shield
Warlock L1
Plague Priest, L2, Plague Censer

100 Slaves, spears, M
85 Slaves, M 
85 Slaves, M
31 Clanrats, S, WFT
2*5 Rats & 1 handler
5 Gutter Runners, slings, poison

HPA w/ Spikes
Warp Cannon

With lots of small drops, I was completely outdeployed and ended up deploying blind (GS + BSB are actually in the house):

However, I had the first turn. A big Pha's was dispelled. Mortars couldn't fire because of the Stormbanner. Cannon 1 didn't quite make it to the Bell and killed 3 Slaves. Cannon 2 hit, wounded both and caused three wounds on the Bell. No combat.

Stormbanner runs out. Skaven advance. Grey Seer fails to cast, ending the magic phase, WLC lands behind the Captasus. No combat.

My knights have flaming attacks and are supposed to deal with the HPA. I try to reposition them to the other flank. WP leaves unit to block big Slave block at an angle. I realize that PCB's are going to charge me but think my TGM should handle them. Captasus stupidly charges the Rat Dart between Slaves 3 and the Bell. Of course they flee and leave him stranded. Big mistake here - I should have just put him right in front of the Dart between the units, dare him to charge and/or charge the WLC later. STank moves up behind, trying not to get tarpitted by stupid Slaves. Magic does again little. Cannon 1 can't see the Bell anymore and overshoots the Doomwheel. Cannon 2 hits, wounds and both are saved. Mortar 1 deviates, Mortar 2 misfires.

Skaven advance. Slaves 3 charge Captasus, PCB charge Knights, Plague Priest and Slaves 1 charge WP. HPA cannot pivot enough to hit the Captasus (the picture is misleading in this respect). Magic goes off big with an IF Cloud I think killing 5 knights and  PCB, breaking combat (perhaps illegally, dunno. I removed from the back rank, he removed the three in contact with my flank). WP dies messily but everyone holds. WLC kills my right cannon.

Knights + TGM charge HPA, then Halberdier horde charges and autoFAILS because it doesn't fit - there was another house that I forgot to place. Second big beginner's mistake. Must really work on order of charges. STank makes a 15" charge into the corner of the Bell (can't close the door) and kills lots but they're unbreakable. Magic does little, shooting kills nothing but 25 Slaves. Remaining cannon misfires and can't shoot. Darn. TGM hits twice, wounds none, HPA kills some Knights and gets a wound. I win with SCR but it holds on 8. Captasus kills 2 Slaves and holds.

General shuffle. Doomwheel zaps Mortar 1. Magic sees a small template (Scorch?) kill a dozen or so Halberdiers. GS fails to cast Poison. Shooting does nothing. Captasus kills 2 Slaves and holds. STank kills lots of Clanrats and they hold. TGM unit deals two wounds to the HPA but only TGM is left standing.

Halberdiers finally flank charge HPA. Greatswords charge left-most Slaves. Wizard (not shown) leaves Swordsmen. BSB still in the house (not shown either, he's behind a wall, there). Magic sees me getting Pha's off on the Greatswords for a cascade which wounds the foot WP and the Wizard. Mortar deviates, cannon explodes itself. GS win slightly but Slaves hold. HPA kills lots of Halberdiers. TGM flees at -3, Halberds hold on SF. Stank does lots of wounds. 

Doomwheel only goes 3". Gutter Runners appear and take a wound of the wizard. HPA kills lots of Halberdiers who break and are run down. HPA is down to a single wound and had just saved one in the combat. So close! Captasus kills is allotment of 2 Slaves and holds. GS lose loads of models but hold. Magic sees them withered to a permanent -1T. A freak Cloud does not hit my Stank nor the TGM but kills the WFT and some Slaves. Shooting kills my last mortar.

Swords help out the Greatswords and charge the Slaves. They kill enough to break them. Swords overrun, Greatswords can't (haven't charged) and reform. It's a Scylla or Charibdis decision: Do I want Slaves or the Doomwheel in my rear or both on my flanks? I decide that the chance to kill the DW is slightly better than to kill over 90 Slaves. STank takes the Clanrats down to a handful of models. In retrospect, I am not sure we did this right: Could I have reformed the STank to get more models into B2B? Both the Bell and the BSB were nice targets...this could have been another intellectual failboat...hmm. Must remember to take the brain along to games. Oh, the Captasus, after killing 2 Slaves is finally overrun.

Slaves reposition, HPA moves up the centre, SW, Slaves 1, PCB all charge Greatswords. Excellent, Greatswords really shine under pressure. The Wheel's Zap results in a misfire that causes 3 wounds. Greatswords cause another and kill both remaining PCB but lose lots themselves from impacts, thunderstomps and Slaves, what with being T2 now. Magic...not quite sure, it didn't do much. Oh, yes, Cracks Call kills the STank.  :icon_evil: Shooting kills the TGM and the Wizard. He's really bagging himself some points now.

Swords try to get out of harms way. Greatswords are finally overwhelmed. Magic and shooting are focused on the Swordsmen but the unit survives with 7 modesl or so...

So, a 2377:418 point victory to Skaven. To be honest, I am not too miffed. This list and its helmsman run rampage in the League. He's massacred the two other Empire players and one Vampire army before. My warmachines performed as always (I never expect them to kill anything, weird, huh?)

I did make a couple of mistakes though which I will hopefully remember: The Captasus trying to charge was one of them. I couldn't really expect 5 Giant Rats to hold, and so he was completely out of the picture. Î could have fled the charge but that was relatively risky since we were only 3" apart and the board edge was so close.

Secondly, charging the Halbs in second was really stupid. Swap the order of charge and all is well. In that case, the HPA would've been dead for sure with all those flaming attacks. In fact, both the Doomwheel and the HPA were down to their last wound, the Bell had suffered three and the GS one (a miscast perhaps).

Okay, that's it from me for the time being. Stay tuned for the next game!
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Re: Spielbericht Imperium vs Skaven
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Hallo Lord Solar Plexus,

endlich gibt es ein Update bei "Tales from Stirland".  Wieder schön geschrieben und spannend zu lesen.

Bekenne mich als Fan  :D....

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Re: Spielbericht Imperium vs Skaven
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Mich gibts auch auf Facebook.. :)

Freut mich, dass es gefällt.