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Warenhaus-Ausverkauf bei Mantic bis zum 18.3.



--- Zitat von: Mantic Newsletter ---Thanks to the huge success of Hellboy, it means our warehouse is due to get very full, very quickly in a few weeks as we prepare to deliver the Kickstarter. So that means we need to clear some space. In fact, we need to clear a LOT of space. The good news for you, is that to help generate that space, we're holding a WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE! Until 9am (GMT) on Monday, March 18th you can grab a host of frankly ridiculous bargains!

We've got everything from rulebooks, to sci-fi miniatures, Dungeon Saga expansions, terrain and fantasy miniatures. No matter what your gaming tastes, you're bound to find something of interest in the sale! Just take a look at some of the highlights below!
--- Ende Zitat ---

U.a. Clash of Kings 2018 und Uncharted Empires für je 3,50€

Es sind noch ein paar neue Sachen dazugekommen, u.a.:

Deutsches Hardcover-Regelbuch für 12,49€
Deutsches Uncharted Empires für 8,99€


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